First moves

We need the character to move, and I have some ideas in mind about the gameplay : I want the tiles to be movable as well.

Rather than to put dummy buttons as HUD, I prefer to try full screen touches experiment.


Character :

Touching the screen, the player may swipe left and right to make the character run. Swiping up makes him jump.

Tiles :

Keeping the algos from the Level Editor here again, I allow the tiles to b dragged on the screen. I add one rule here : tiles are just draggable along one axis.

Next I’ll have to catch whether the swipe is a tile move or a jump, for now they occur both at the same time.


Character :

Again, using Corona Sprite animation is really simple, just use the xScale = -1 trick to change my character way.

Tiles : 

Here I move every tiles linked with the dragged one. Thanks again to my Level Editor !